Cox Excalibur is offering a Production Partnership Program to those breeders interested in acquiring CX Red Brangus Genetics and utilizing Brangusworld marketing programs.

The production partnership is designed to facilitate the sale of the animals in the partnership. Purebred breeders sometimes struggle to make it in the business for this simple reason – They don’t have the market to sell their animals at a fair price. Sometimes they are forced to sell at a lower price just to break even or to cut their losses.

Production Partners will be able to sell their animals at a premium at the yearly production sale which will take place at Cox Excalibur Ranch. Partners can also advertise their special Brangus genetics on, get international referrals, ranching tips and consultation.

Cox Excalibur enjoys great relationships with our Partners who purchased interests in some of our TOP HERD SIRES & DONORS!

For more information please call (281) 395-1277 or send email to